Cost savings by

optimizing your parts

24/7 - automated - free

Your challenges

Whether in-house or external production, your parts are subject to important requirements


Your parts fulfil certain functions and should continue to do so. We show you how you can significantly reduce manufacturing costs while maintaining the same functionality.


We are all exposed to competition and feel enormous cost pressure. Part optimizations offer previously unrecognized and unused savings potential.

Time pressure

Delivery dates must be met. Often there is no time for internal design optimizations.

Our solution

Use the optimization potential in your parts now and save on manufacturing and development costs

Start potential recognition and upload your parts

Receive optimization potential

Have optimizations carried out

Your benefits

With Optimate you benefit from a unique combination of innovative AI and many years of expert know-how


Optimate is available for you always and from everywhere.


In a few seconds you can see the optimization potential of your parts.


The potential recognition is completely free.


The quality of your parts is our top priority.