You want to save costs on your parts?

We show you what you can achieve through part optimization.

Conventionally designed parts

High costs due to many cost-intensive production steps

Often parts fulfill their purpose, but at the same time cause high costs in the entire product development process. This can have different causes:

The following example shows some of these cost-intensive factors:






There is also a lot of unused potential in your sheet metal parts. Take advantage of Optimate's potential recognition now and save money by optimizing your parts.

Optimized parts

Low costs through clever sheet metal design

Once the potential has been recognized, part optimization can be carried out. With a clever design we reduce the cost drivers and get the maximum out of your parts.

The result of such a part optimization can be seen here:


Laser cutting


The part retains its functionality even though we have replaced four expensive production steps with two less expensive ones. The result:

45% Cost saving

Use our free potential recognition service now and identify your individual optimization potential.

Other examples

Here you will find more examples of successful part optimizations where the cost of parts has been reduced by at least 20%:

Would you also like to optimize your parts?

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